Unbreakable Vows of 2010

I know, I know. Blog posts about New Years Resolutions are awful, but how else are people going to share promises that they can’t keep? I think I did a good job with my 2009 resolutions. I did go to the gym multiple times a week (though I did take some breaks) and I did completely stop watching The Hills–which was easy, because everyone REALLY hates Speidi now so I’m not bombarded by their faces anymore, and the universe now includes Jersey Shore.

So here goes for 2010:

  • No more shopping at Forever 21 or H&M: As addicting and amazing as those stores can be, I can’t buy their clothes anymore. They’re too cheap, they’re ill fitting and they’re too fickle. I always end up donating the numerous items to Goodwill after several months because they stop looking good (or I keep getting fatter) and my closet can’t fit it all. So this is it. If I’m going to buy new clothes, then they have to be good quality. Or the same quality for 3 times the price, because let’s be honest. Anthropologie is like the same thing, right? They just like to make their customers think their clothes were made in some rustic converted barn factory with antique mason jar windows set in a field of sweet pea blossoms.
  • No more food photos: The whole world enjoys taking photos of their food. I understand. I’ve done it a billion times. It’s also nice to document the result of your hard labor in the kitchen, especially if they’re homemade cinnamon buns. But enough with the restaurant food pictures! Enough with all the random camera flashes that interrupt your meal with temporary blindness at the dinner table! And no one cares what kind of hotdog you got at the latest food truck.
  • For me, the tipping point on this decision was while we were trying to enjoy the food at Ludo Bites, where they had cleverly set up an actual light box for food bloggers to use. This meant a steady line of people moving back and forth from their table, carrying each dish to take a nice picture of it. This also meant there were probably 30 photos of the same exact dish showing up on 30 different foodie blogs later that night. COME ON NOW. What happened to just sitting down to enjoy the atmosphere, the conversation, and the food? You know, the taste? That thing you’re paying for? Let’s be clear. I support food blogging. But I don’t support it in my face while I’m trying to enjoy the food that they’re so excited to tell the world about.

    But I’m still allowed to take photos of my pies.

  • No Donuts: Today I made a bet with B that I would be able to NOT eat a donut for a whole year. I had just stuffed a delicious maple glazed donut in my mouth when I agreed to this bet, which could have led to making this stupid decision, but I know they’re unhealthy and I know I can feel my cheeks swell every time I eat one. So it’s only good if I cut these delicious fried treats completely out of my diet. I’m not quite sure if a bet counts as a resolution and I am still unclear on what prize I’ll win if I can keep this up for 12 months but I already have a feeling that 2010 is going to suck balls. :(

Why did I sign up for this!?

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  1. I’m the worst when it comes to food pictures. I wish I were as strong as you. I’m not ready to let go…


  2. You could donate your H&M/Forever 21 to me … eh?


    1. Check the Hollywood Goodwill :)


    2. But … but … I am Canada? :(



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