Giant Cupcake Baking Adventure

Yesterday, Lisa and I embarked on a crazy and wild adventure where our goal was to bake a giant cupcake. (It’s 25 times the size of a normal cupcake!) I’m happy to say that we accomplished this with much success (and oozing and explosion).

So I’d like to present to you our giant S’Mores cupcake, made from Mark Bittman’s Simple Chocolate cake recipe, stuffed with marshmallow fluff, topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and decorated with graham crackers–ALL MADE FROM SCRATCH!! Well, except for the graham crackers and fluff.

No, we’re not sure how it tasted because by the time we were done, the fluff filling kept oozing out and it just seemed too sad to destroy a giant cupcake that we had spent all afternoon making.

Really, giant cupcakes are really hard to put together. Also, this cupcake was NOT 25 times larger than a regular cupcake. Whoever designed this pan clearly never enjoyed an actual cupcake from Sprinkles or Magnolia, because we estimated that maybe this cupcake was more like 5 times larger than normal.

More photos after the jump!

The secret inside our fluff filling: a peanut butter Oreo!

Lisa covering the secret Oreo with more fluff.

Ta-daaaa! (This was before we topped it with graham crackers.)

Coming up on our Baking Adventures: Jars of Pie!!!! That sounds like some sort of Christian rock band.

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  1. I saw those pie jars today on my reader, and was about to send it to you. Then I thought, “she’ll see this … for sure.” I was right!



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