I Heart Rohto Zi Eyedrops

Genetically, I’m supposed to have an addictive personality. Fortunately, my Asian Flush cancels that out pretty well but I still worry over what would happen if I spent more than 30 minutes inside a casino.

I will agree that my one addiction would revolve around treating my eyeballs with Rohto Zi 0 eyedrops, thanks to the two summers spent in Japan during junior high. They were my one special savior to annoying itchy and red eye allergies, and I could only find them in Japan. While Visine made my eyes hurt (and my head hurt from those annoying commercials with Ben Stein) and others only felt like tears, these amazing drops felt as if my eyeballs took a refreshing bath in Listerine and/or someone just threw an icicle at my face. Why rub your eyes when a drop of Rohto Zi can do it for you? In other words, A-MAZING.

Today I learned that the American brand is popular among stoners and that the Japanese drops come with different levels. That’s right. LEVELS. That’s how complicated these eye drops are: they vary in intensity from 1 to 7. And my favorite ones are only a 6. A six. SIX!!!


If a six means icicles rubbing your eyeballs, then what would a seven be? A blizzard? Enormous hail stones pounding against your aqueous humor? The upgraded ice wrench from Bioshock? Did I just out myself as a nerd again? Dammit.

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  1. I need these. I have room for them now that I’ve purged my magazines, right?


  2. I agree that this are the best eyedrops. It does fell like icicles being rubbed in your eyes but after that my eyes feel so refreshed and not itchy.


    1. Hi there,

      I’ve got one from a friend, helped very well to my allergic.
      Please tell me where can i buy that eye drop rohto Zi.
      Thank you very much.

      Sedap Malam.


    2. the latest thing in downtown techno clubs in korea..i like it but not the super huge contacts



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