Parisian Love (Or Stalker)

Everyone seems to love this Google commercial, “Parisien Love” because it manages to tell the story and evoke the emotions of a long distance love story.

I think something is wrong with me, because I thought the actual passage of time wasn’t portrayed very well. I thought it was some creep who was planning a semester abroad to Paris and then totally going overboard with how it was going to turn out. See, that’s what girls do during their free time. They get super excited about something, have all these crazy expectations and next thing you know, they start planning their wedding, all within the span of 15 minutes. Trust me, I’ve done this before. It’s a girl thing.

Anyway, someone please make a more realistic Google ad where it’s just some guy searching for things like “boobies” and “Miranda Kerr nudes.”

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  1. Or “how to smell a girls hair without her noticing”



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