Mission Accomplished

We did it! I currently want to barf, not because the food at French Laundry was gross, but because we just subjected ourselves to a 8 course lunch that was beyond our imaginations and now I can never eat food again. So that’s a bit of an exaggeration and the bill made my stomach clench a bit, but the experience was perfect. Have you ever sat down to a meal where absolutely everything was delicious and you wished it was common courtesy to lick your plate clean? Yeah, that was pretty much our lunch today. The decor was classic and simple, the tables were evenly spaced between us, I will never eat another scallop as yummy as today and even if I did act like an immature 13 year old (Waiter: Are you all here to celebrate something special for this meal? Me: Yeah, that we’re AWESOME.), I’m counting this as one of my top 3 meals of a lifetime.

The hardest part was spying on the other diners and noticing each received a delicate plate of coffee and sugary donuts. I thought this would have marked the end of my year long bet against B (that I wouldn’t eat a donut for 365 days) because how would anyone be able to turn away food from Thomas Keller, especially if it was a plate of freshly made DONUTS? AHH.  Luckily (but still sadly), I didn’t realize this was a signature dish that you had to order so even though I waited and waited with dread, I was able to leave without breaking my resolution. Phew.

Tomorrow: back to Ad Hoc and then the gym.

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  1. yay! French Laundry was amazing–but after eating there, all I could have was plain food for about 2-3 weeks since my tastebuds felt so overloaded with goodness.

    you’ll have to tell me how Ad Hoc is. :)


  2. This sounds delicious. I heard it’s really hard to get a reservation– is that true?


    1. Yeah, we got ours through a group effort about 2 months ago!



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