Summer of Change


It’s been quite a summer so far, and I’m not sure I want to know what’s coming up. In the past several months, we’ve bid farewell to a family home in Orange County that was as infamous as it was amazing, we’ve learned about a new addition to the other side of the family, we got a new bed (THIS IS HUGE, PEOPLE) and now, we’ve said goodbye to two of the best friends we’ve had in the city.

I’ve never had a good friend move away before. Los Angeles has always been home and attending college on the other side of the continent meant that I was the one coming and going for four years. I’ve had high school friends move off to other parts of the country, but their distance was separate from the circle of friends we had here.  I have a routine with my friends, from who I talk to daily and to those I catch up with every once in the while, whether that’s over text messages, running into them at the gym or gossiping over dinner.  And now, two of the most awesome people I know and with whom I’ve had so many fun only-in-LA-unless-you-count-French-Laundry adventures (which mostly consisted of eating yummy food), are now headed off to Texas for like forever to like…lasso horses and wear cowboy hats or something. What do they do in Texas, besides the death penalty and vote for Bush?

It was only fitting to save our final goodbyes over a fabulous 14 course tasting menu at Providence the night before they left on a 2 day road trip around the Southwest. The dinner lasted over 4 hours long, with plenty of conversation, laughs, new stories and memories to last us until B and I make our way over to visit them in the South. I would have taken pictures of everything we got to eat but you know I hate that sort of thing.

Anyway, I’m wishing Will and Carmen the best of luck in their move and settling into their new place! It’s crazy to think that they’re not in the same city anymore; I feel like we’ve been through so much: weddings, bachelor parties, tasting menus, football games and UCB improv shows. But I’m happy they got this opportunity to move back to the state they love. In the meantime, I’m making myself feel better by reading a blog about one of the cutest babies who hasn’t been born yet but will be really cute just because I know this for a fact and I can predict the future like that.

  1. Belated, I know (I KNOW), but we miss you! Come visit! We can eat barbecue and float down a river in inner-tubes!



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