Donut Day is January 10th!

It’s true! January 10th, 2011 is officially Donut Day, which marks the end of the year long bet to not eat a delicious donut for 365 days. That’s only four weeks away but the victory is so close that I can taste it (and it tastes like a yummy freshly fried maple bar). I’m already planning a celebration at my desk (since Donut Day falls on a Monday) where I’ll just sit and eat a dozen donuts (or at least until I throw up). I can’t wait. It will be glorious.

Why did I succumb to this stupid bet? One idea was for health reasons, but honestly, not being able to eat a donut meant just eating more slices of cheesecake and pie. I mean, come on. Having donuts in or out of my life had no affect on how much sugar I consumed every day. I heart sugar.

The other idea was to save money but who am I kidding? Donuts are like the cheapest (and most delicious) treats available. They’re like 50 cents, which is way cheaper than crying into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Seriously. Do the math.

Another idea was for the prize, which we decided earlier, would be a fun trip (which could even count as our real “honeymoon” since we never took one in the first place) but now that we have a mortgage, I think it’s better to shelf that plan.

So what was the point? I’m not sure. Penance for some unknown sin so I could suffer through the worst year of my life?* I mean, it was pretty ridiculous. I had to sit through a whole tasting menu at the one and only French Laundry without being able to order Thomas Keller’s famous coffee-and-donut trio, I couldn’t savor the freshly made glazed donuts if we went to Tom Colicchio’s Craft Restaurant and I wasn’t even about to sample Wolfgang Puck’s chocolate donut holes with peanut butter at the company holiday party last night. So basically, I’m an idiot. Thank you.

If you’d like to be invited to my donut celebrations, just shoot me an email and I’ll figure something out. Donuts for everyone!

*Worst in terms of being able to enjoy a donut.

  1. Two words: DONUT SUMMIT.


  2. ran across your old blog(chopstix) after looking to see how many rss subscribers my blog had, hahaha. It’s too bad you ditched your old url, we could be like… two chopstix on a bowl of rice. or not. anyway, I enjoyed reading your donut pact–enjoy those donuts in a few weeks! gave me ideas to make myself some bets/pacts for the new year. Also, your link to the 365daysof____ gave me ideas too! so, thanks?

    nice meeting you, err… fellow chopstix.


    1. We should have a blog together called 2 Chopstix, 1 Bowl!



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