Happy Holidays!


What happens when you visit your in-laws for a lovely week in Sonoma County and then they force you to slave away making Christmas yummies? Okay, that was a joke but with the holiday celebrations come the annual baking of sugar cookies and caramels. The latter happened the day we arrived, but somehow they turned out super sticky so Alicia and I got really tired of trying to cut, roll and wrap bite sized pieces in wax paper.

So we cheated and made one ginormous piece, which we hid at the bottom of the bowl. To be honest, this enormous piece also had pieces of foil stuck to it (that’s how sticky it was!) so it’s not like we were expecting anyone to actually eat it.

Homemade caramels are so delicious. Someone needs to invent a caramel flavored salt lick so I can slobber all over it every day. I’d have one for my desk and another in the car, and maybe one on the kitchen counter while I tried to cook.


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