I Know I Shouldn’t Say Anything…


But I wanted to let you guys know that yes, I am really embarrassed about this. I know that Linkin Park is an awful band and really, their latest single just makes me cringe (as I sing along under my breath) but honestly, of course I’m going to download the entire DLC pack on Rock Band 3. Of course I’m going to force someone to play with me and of course I am going to sing the vocals. Not harmonies. Solo. On Hard.

So after getting 100% on “Crawling,” of course I am going to take a picture of it and show off how great my impression of Chester Bennington is. Of course I’m going to tell the world. Of course I’m going to lose your respect and perhaps, your friendship. I’m okay with that. Because this is how it’s going to be, at least until they release some 311 songs. Then I’ll be laughing as you guys try to be the next Nick Hexum.

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