2011 Flashback: We Were On Reality TV!

Sometimes when I watch my favorite reality TV shows, I try to imagine what it would be like to be on television, faced with the same situation, talking to the same people and dealing with all the cameras. And then I remember, hey! I did that already!

I think most of you know, but B and I were on an episode of Secrets from a Stylist on HGTV earlier this year where we totally lucked out and had our guest room made over by the one and only Emily Henderson. I was too lazy and busy (lasy? buzy?) to write about it but since the year is wrapping up, I decided to get it all down.

B was hesitant at first to appear on camera but everything fell into place and you’d have to be insane to turn down a free offer to change over what used to be an eyesore room in the house. All we had to do was have shoot for two days and hand over our house key while we went out our daily lives. It was a little nerve-wracking to leave our house behind but the whole crew was awesome and nice that it was like having a bunch of friends hang out there while we…weren’t allowed to come home. Or something like that?

Our guest room, which was styled as “graphic novel antique geek chic” by Emily, turned out absolutely amazing. Seriously. We were a little worried that the whole look was going to go into the comic book/video game feel with bright colors and everything, but Emily had the magical touch of making things look vintage, classy and artistic. The wallpaper totally matches Brandon’s art and I finally had the lawyer bookcase that I’ve been drooling over since, well, forever.

The rest of the house now looks totally crappy, messy and disorganized now. It’s also nice to have a room that I can sleep in the next time I get really mad at B for playing too much Skyrim. (Just kidding. It’s the room he’s going to sleep in when I start snoring too loudly.) Amazing photos of the room are on Emily’s blog.

The room still looks like this now, except for one small change: we moved the drum set out and my antique desk back in the corner so I could have a little “study” to do my schoolwork. I now have a wallpaper audience watching over my shoulder to make sure some writing gets done.

The full episode is now online! I tried to embed it a long time ago but it wouldn’t work–and now it seems to be all swell! Enjoy. Ignore my pancake face.

PS. Now all I have to do isĀ  be a disgruntled hair model in Tabatha’s Salon Takeover and my life will be complete.

  1. Finally watched it! Looks awesome. I’m glad your reality TV debut was more favorable than mine (consisting of angry filipino mom-girl walking out on me during dinner). Hey we should like, hang out some time. Me and Ted discovered this soup called ramen that’s pretty good.


  2. Wow, that is so cool!



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