8 Songs That Feature Children Singing In The Chorus


I like to make lists in my head while driving and listening to the radio because it makes me feel like I’m somehow organized and on top of things–like that time I made a list of bands who sing their own band name in their songs. This time, I put together a list of songs that feature annoying children’s choirs, which I think is a really cheap gimmick to make songs sound more meaningful and heart-wrenching. Except when you’re Jay-Z. Or Alice Cooper.

(Little known fact: I like to sing the opening to The Rolling Stones’ song all the time when alone in the house.)

I also realized that a lot of songs that I thought included children singing actually don’t. I need to get my hearing checked. What?

1. Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall

2. Jay-Z – Hard Knock Life

3. The Rolling Stones – Can’t Always Get What You Want

4. Trick Daddy – I’m A Thug

5. Gorillaz – Dirty Harry

6. The Smiths – Panic

7. Smog – No Dancing

8. Alice Cooper – School’s Out

Honorable Mention (b/c I can’t figure out if there are really kids singing at the end): My Chemical Romance – Black Parade

Did I miss anything?

  1. Here’s another for your list, a reasonably new song that i freaking love

    “Oh Sailor” by “Mr Little Jeans”


  2. D.A.N.C.E by Justice.



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