Things To Do While Your Significant Other Is Out Of The Country And You No Longer Have Grad School As An Excuse


My BFF is spending quality time in Japan, which means that I have about a week of being completely on my own. Not only that, but since I graduated last week, I have zero “official” things to occupy myself with–like homework, reading, more homework and writing about reading. Oh, and writing, but whatever.

But the possibilities of all the stuff that I am now free to do are overwhelming! My brain is like WHAAAT, and a little like AHHHHH with a touch of OMGGGGG and HUH?? so I basically end up sitting on the sofa in my pajamas while thinking about turning on the TV most of the time. Seriously, though, I’ve got a To-Do List that has been waiting to be completed since like, forever. Like…

1. Start and finish this book.


2. Finally play this game.


3. Read all of these books.


4. Maybe finish this book.


5. Order another Stitch Fix box!


6. Perhaps try this on Insane but TBD.


7. Go outside.


8. Definitely finish this on Hard because I want that achievement. 

Photo Jul 06, 5 06 42 PM

9. Play with this little girl!!

Photo on 7-6-13 at 8.42 AM #2     
10. Find a new excuse to not hang out with people because mostly everyone knows that I don’t have homework anymore. Any suggestions?


  1. I always take advantage of having time to myself by eating disgustingly large quantities of food. You may want to look into that…


  2. #2 is on my list, and #9 is higher



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