What I’m Really Did While Because My Significant Other Was Away And I No Longer Had Grad School As An Excuse

Let’s be real. That to-do list I made was a complete fantasy. Like I was actually going to get stuff done while alone in the house and in my life? Please. This is what I did instead.

1. Watched this movie.

2. Then I watched this movie. (OMG the same guy from the previous movie was in this movie!)

3. And I totally watched this movie again since I had to buy it for $10 because Netflix’s streaming options totally blow but now I’ve got this movie FOREVER in my Amazon cloud thingy, which means I can watch it as many times as I want and I think I will do that right now, right this very second, BRB.

4. Started this game. But then I stopped because see #3.


5. Read all about Movie #3 because seriously, you guys, I think I’m obsessed.

Sense & Sensibility_98

I mean, I watched the film in the theater but the second viewing just proved to me how great it is. It’s funny, beautifully shot, Hugh Grant is in it, Hugh Laurie is in it, DOLORES UMBRIDGE is in it, Kate Winslet is in it, Tom Wilkinson is in it and YOU GUYS, it’s ALAN RICKMAN being all ROMANTIC.

Oh, and Emma Thompson not only wrote the screenplay, but she won an Oscar for it? And the cast may have worked together again as part of the Hogwarts faculty, but how fun was it for these folks to reunite on the Love Actually set? Speaking of which, how great is that movie?

Wait, did I mention that Emma Thompson also met and MARRIED the guy who played Willoughboy (who jilted Kate Winslet’s character) and they both adopted a boy from Rwanda?

And I’m not even a Jane Austen fan! I’ve never read any of her books! What’s wrong with me!?!?

I should finish this list.

6. Made a promise to myself to stop talking about movie #3.


7. Broke that promise.


8. Googled “would people look at me funny if I started wearing Regency-styled dresses?”


9. Closed the browser window before viewing the above search results.


10. Laundry


  1. Next up, Downton Abbey!



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