Songs Where Singers Sing About Other Singers

To avoid any sort of awkward silences with B over dinner, I like to challenge his knowledge of modern music with various questions, like “How many songs are there about sweaters?” (We only came up with two.) What song defines each decade? Which songs feature children singing? Last night, we came up with a list of songs where singers reference other famous singers. You know. Songception.

Here’s what we came up with. (Also, rap songs don’t count because otherwise, this post would be a billion miles long.)

David Bowie – A Song For Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan – A Song For Woody

The Replacements – Alex Chilton

Lynrd Skynrd – Sweet Home Alabama

311 – Come Original

Avril Lavigne – Here’s To Never Growing UpĀ (Obviously I was the one who knew this song. I hate myself.)

New Radicals – You Get What You Give

Regina Spektor – On The Radio


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