These 9 Writers Wrote Adventure Stories And You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

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Remember a couple months ago when I blogged about forcing myself to NOT coast by setting challenges for myself? Well, here is one of them.

Killian reached out to me earlier this year, asking if I wanted to contribute a story to an illustrated anthology that she and Hillary were putting together with a bunch of other Pacific U MFA classmates. My first reaction was to barf and come up with all the reasons I honestly couldn’t do it because, well, see previous entry.

We’re writing adventure stories, she said.

But this requires me to actually write something, I thought.

Each writer gets a setting for their story, and they all have to connect to a pub called The Egret’s Crossing in Morocco, she explained.

But you’re asking me to use my brain, I thought.

I’ll be illustrating everyone’s work, she said.

But I don’t even know how to form complete sentences anymore, I thought.

We’ll be selling these at AWP and it will be great, she said.

So I agreed.

Killian assigned me the deep jungle, I procrastinated for a couple weeks by Googling and printing and cutting out and pasting pretty photos of the deep jungle into a pretty notebook for inspiration, and then I wept. Until she reminded me that this was supposed to be FUN and PULPY and ADVENTUROUS and GENRE-Y (is that a word?) and I listened to my favorite video game soundtracks on loop and pooped out my first story since the baby was born. (How funny. I’m pretty sure I also pooped when the baby was born. TMI? Well, sorry, but THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS IN LIFE.)

Anyway, that’s all that I’m going to share with you. I don’t think preorders are available anymore, but if you’re interested in purchasing a copy (either a PDF or a hard issue) because you love me as much as I love you, then click here or read the details in the pretty picture above.

  1. And I can’t wait to read this! I remember long hours of you up on your computer working, while everyone else had gone to bed….before Alocia’s wedding!



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