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Giant Sandwich Cake Baking

So this may look like a normal peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but it’s not. Lisa and I swear. We met up this past weekend to finally bake the amazing Cakewich, which was really just a cake mold shaped like a slice of bread. Armed with my new How To Cook Everything iPhone App and some almond extract, we somehow managed to mix together Mark Bittman’s Golden Layer Cake recipe to slap together this amazing creation.

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It’s been a while since Lisa and I got back together for our Giant Baking Adventure series but to be honest, it’s been hard to find out what to make next. At first we thought about making a giant cinnamon bun, which would be super easy to bake (since I’ve already made them before) and to eat (I can demolish an entire platter of cinnamon buns like nobody’s business).

Then we came across this: the Cakewich sandwich cake mold. AMAZING!! GENIUS!!! DELICIOUS!!! Okay, so maybe it’s just like baking a giant loaf of cake-like bread but hello?? You can make a massive peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of it!! That’s crazy!!! This is going to be the best thing ever. Stay tuned!


Giant Baking Adventure: Giant Cookie Sandwich

So after the Giant Cupcake and the Rainbow Pancakes, Lisa and I decided that our next baking adventure would be a Giant Cookie Sandwich. At first we thought about the Giant Donut but it looks like a round Bundt cake and what’s the fun with that? So after a quick trip to Williams Sonoma amidst the ladies who lunch around Beverly Hills, we were ready to conquer yet another territory in the Giant Baking Adventure Land.

Let me just say, I think chocolate has a personal vendetta against me, or maybe I’m just lacking in the chocolate cake department. For some reason, I can never get it right; it’s always too chocolate-y, too dense and too rich. I love light and fluffy chocolate cake, so how come mine never turn out like that?!

Giant Baking Adventure: Giant Cookie Sandwich

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Poop & Pie

I’m not talking about literal poop, like the stuff that comes out of your butt. I’m talking about the emotional poop, where nothing is satisfactory, your clothes feel itchy and uncomfortable, you feel a headache coming on, you’re not hungry but you want to eat, your legs ache even though you’ve been sitting for the past 6 hours and all you want to do is sulk in the corner or roll around on the floor.

Yeah, that’s pretty much how I felt last night. I thought eating homemade guacamole would make me feel better, but that just made me want to eat more guacamole when I finished the entire bowl. The new episode of Lost made me feel even crankier because I couldn’t pay attention and now I’m really confused about what’s going on. I even baked a cherry pie, which allowed me to use my fancy new cherry pitter but that just made a different kind of cherry mess, and then I neglected to bake the pie on a pan so the whole kitchen was smoky with burnt sugar.

I used a squirrel-shaped cookie cutter on the leftover pie dough to decorate the top, but then I realized that I didn’t weave the lattice crust properly and as someone who likes to do things correctly and neatly, this just made things worse.

I really don’t know what the point of this post is. Oh well. I put lots of butter in the filling so hopefully it will taste good. I’m pretty sure I’m going to eat this whole thing tonight. No, you can’t have any.

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We made the most delicious blueberry pie earlier this month. It was the first official pie of the year, since I kind of took a pie break after the holidays and then things like God of War III got in the way. Not to toot my own horn–okay, fine, I will–but somehow my crust came out superb and I think I can almost make it from pure memory now. Note to self: don’t cut the butter into the pastry too much, so you can basically eat chunks of butter with blueberry deliciousness.

I guess pie is on the family brain, because today I got this email from my dad:

So now I don’t know what to do. Bake them multiple pies by Tuesday out of guilt because he really isn’t joking? Or bake one just to one up this “most probable” joke? Or bake them pies because this is my dad’s reverse psychology at work? Or just ignore this email and never pick up the phone when they call? Hmm.

Here’s what I’m going to do. Bake a pie and eat it in its entirety during the next episode of Lost.

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This past weekend was great, mostly because I got to hold an amazingly adorable, amazingly warm and amazingly cuddly three month old who liked to make spit bubbles, stare behind my head and wear Star Wars t-shirts. I also lost a debate with my favorite 4 year old boy over bats and how they are not the same as humans, only because humans have birthdays and bats don’t. Who can argue against that?

This past weekend wasn’t so great because I burned my finger really bad while baking cinnamon buns (NOT ROLLS) late at night. But the buns came out great and it’s not like I really didn’t need a burn scar on my hand. Totally cool.

BTW, I really like making cinnamon buns but I can’t really eat them so if anyone wants a dozen freshly baked cinnamon buns made from scratch, let me know.

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This weekend saw the follow-up to our Giant Cupcake Baking Adventure with a giant Rainbow Pancake. I thought we were going to make mini pie jars but it turns out that Lisa doesn’t really like pies for some odd reason but seriously, how can you NOT like pie? It’s the most amazing thing in the world. It’s like a giant pastry of goodness that you eat in slices.

So we compromised with Rainbow Pancakes, which was a lot harder than you think. Not only do you have to find a good pancake recipe (which we made from scratch, thank you very much, with milk pilfered from the office kitchen, which I had nothing to do with, thank you very much), but you also had to make sure there was enough food dye to create the vibrant colors of the light spectrum.

Giant Rainbow Pancake

But we did it! I also love our new camera.

Giant Rainbow Pancake

Giant Rainbow Pancake

Giant Rainbow Pancake

The difference in the pancakes’ thickness was due to our lack of planning in how many pancake rainbows we were going to make and then ending up just making one giant pancake per color. Yeah. Listen, this is tiring work.

Giant Rainbow Pancake

Also, my camera makes Lisa feel very self conscious but how could I resist? She’s so photogenic.
Giant Rainbow Pancake

Coming up next month: a giant Oreo cookie cake. We are not kidding. We just have to figure out what to put inside, since apparently all the Fluff we had for our cupcake is all gone.

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Ugh. This is so annoying. It’s not even the end of February and this ban against donuts is getting hard and harder. At first I thought it would be easy, since I’m not surrounded by these delicious fried breakfast treats, but then friends started sending me pictures of their local Dunkin Donuts over Twitter (which is really mean) and now THIS.

Last night, I came home to a brand new Williams Sonoma catalog with a cover that featured–you guessed it–homemade donuts as part of their “comfort food recipe” selection. Awesome. So it doesn’t matter that there aren’t any Dunkin Donuts around me. I can just deep fry my own donuts at home. And look at all their donut accessories! AHH.

Wait, what? Is that donut too small for you? Then check out this Giant Donut Cake Pan where you can bake your very own enormous donut, complete with chocolate glaze and sprinkes.

This is ridiculous. LEAVE ME ALONE, DONUTS. 10 more months.

The universe hates me.

PS. So I have this theory. I really want that Giant Donut Cake Pan. Since it’s really a cake (and not deep fried like a donut), it doesn’t count as a donut, right? So I can eat this and still keep my resolution, right? RIGHT? Right.

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The evil Dunkin Donuts (evil because they will never say if and when they’re expanding to the West Coast) is hosting their annual “Create Dunkin’s Next Donut” contest where you can (duh) create your own special fried treat with a chance of having it turned into an actual real donut.

I’m almost a month into my 2010 bet to not eat a donut for a whole year, which is going quite swimmingly if you even cared, but I’m still having a lot of fun trying to invent delicious and awesome flavors.

For example, here’s the one I made for B. It’s got all of his favorite things, all mixed up together into complete and utter grossness: a blueberry cake donut stick with peanut butter frosting and Heath bar crumble topping. GROSS. Thank god they didn’t offer any banana options.

So here’s my ultimate favorite donut of all time!

BAM! Maple glazed bar topped with sprinkles in the official Dunkin Donuts colors (pink and orange). What can I say? I like to keep things classy, simple and completely unoriginal. There is nothing better than a maple bar.

Too bad I can’t even eat one until 2011. ;_;

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Yesterday, Lisa and I embarked on a crazy and wild adventure where our goal was to bake a giant cupcake. (It’s 25 times the size of a normal cupcake!) I’m happy to say that we accomplished this with much success (and oozing and explosion).

So I’d like to present to you our giant S’Mores cupcake, made from Mark Bittman’s Simple Chocolate cake recipe, stuffed with marshmallow fluff, topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and decorated with graham crackers–ALL MADE FROM SCRATCH!! Well, except for the graham crackers and fluff.

No, we’re not sure how it tasted because by the time we were done, the fluff filling kept oozing out and it just seemed too sad to destroy a giant cupcake that we had spent all afternoon making.

Really, giant cupcakes are really hard to put together. Also, this cupcake was NOT 25 times larger than a regular cupcake. Whoever designed this pan clearly never enjoyed an actual cupcake from Sprinkles or Magnolia, because we estimated that maybe this cupcake was more like 5 times larger than normal.

More photos after the jump!

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