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Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lisa and I have a problem: we are out of giant things to bake. There are only so many times we can make giant cookie cakes and cupcakes, and there are only so many times we can fork over our hard earned cash to buy giant baking molds. So we thought we’d take a different approach by baking things-inside-of-things, kind of like this pumpkin pie in a cupcake–which sounds really labor intensive for a Saturday afternoon–so we decided to give this Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe a hand.

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So, Lisa and I haven’t had any Giant Baking Adventures lately, but it’s mostly her fault. I mean, I’ve been a little busy with various things in my life that I can’t really recall right now, but she’s such a social butterfly with so much going on that it’s hard to find a time or a place to bake. That’s all a lie. We’re kind of out of ideas of giant things to bake. We still have a giant cinnamon bun to bake, but having to wait for the dough to rise and all that makes things complicated.

But then I saw this PUMPKIN PIE IN A CUPCAKE and we were like, OMG WE HAVE TO MAKE THIS. Pie in a cupcake whaaaat? *brain explodes* Why not make a Giant Pumpkin Pie in a Cupcake, since we already have a giant cupcake pan AND my amazing culinary pie skills to begin with?

So let’s do this. How? I have no idea.

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The other night, I asked B if he could cut both of us some lemon bars and this is what he came back with. Guess which piece was meant for me? (Clue: It wasn’t the big one.)

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Giant Baking Adventure: Giant Cookie Sandwich

So after the Giant Cupcake and the Rainbow Pancakes, Lisa and I decided that our next baking adventure would be a Giant Cookie Sandwich. At first we thought about the Giant Donut but it looks like a round Bundt cake and what’s the fun with that? So after a quick trip to Williams Sonoma amidst the ladies who lunch around Beverly Hills, we were ready to conquer yet another territory in the Giant Baking Adventure Land.

Let me just say, I think chocolate has a personal vendetta against me, or maybe I’m just lacking in the chocolate cake department. For some reason, I can never get it right; it’s always too chocolate-y, too dense and too rich. I love light and fluffy chocolate cake, so how come mine never turn out like that?!

Giant Baking Adventure: Giant Cookie Sandwich

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This past weekend was great, mostly because I got to hold an amazingly adorable, amazingly warm and amazingly cuddly three month old who liked to make spit bubbles, stare behind my head and wear Star Wars t-shirts. I also lost a debate with my favorite 4 year old boy over bats and how they are not the same as humans, only because humans have birthdays and bats don’t. Who can argue against that?

This past weekend wasn’t so great because I burned my finger really bad while baking cinnamon buns (NOT ROLLS) late at night. But the buns came out great and it’s not like I really didn’t need a burn scar on my hand. Totally cool.

BTW, I really like making cinnamon buns but I can’t really eat them so if anyone wants a dozen freshly baked cinnamon buns made from scratch, let me know.

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Yesterday, Lisa and I embarked on a crazy and wild adventure where our goal was to bake a giant cupcake. (It’s 25 times the size of a normal cupcake!) I’m happy to say that we accomplished this with much success (and oozing and explosion).

So I’d like to present to you our giant S’Mores cupcake, made from Mark Bittman’s Simple Chocolate cake recipe, stuffed with marshmallow fluff, topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and decorated with graham crackers–ALL MADE FROM SCRATCH!! Well, except for the graham crackers and fluff.

No, we’re not sure how it tasted because by the time we were done, the fluff filling kept oozing out and it just seemed too sad to destroy a giant cupcake that we had spent all afternoon making.

Really, giant cupcakes are really hard to put together. Also, this cupcake was NOT 25 times larger than a regular cupcake. Whoever designed this pan clearly never enjoyed an actual cupcake from Sprinkles or Magnolia, because we estimated that maybe this cupcake was more like 5 times larger than normal.

More photos after the jump!

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Weird Apple Pie

one minute Apple pie from Sergey Yazvinsky on Vimeo.

Slashfood just posted this cute 1 minute video of how to bake an apple pie. It’s always fun to see other people (possibly from other countries, judging by the use of the metric system in the ingredient list) prepare and make classic foods. I know there are probably a thousand apple pie recipes with small differences, like cooking the apples in sugar before hand, sifting the flour or even what sort of spices you use.

This is the first time, though, that I’ve seen someone make a pie dough with softened butter. All the pie crust recipes I’ve used call for cold sliced butter (and ice water), and I always thought the temperature was important. I don’t know anything about cooking science, but I do know that cold butter leaves nice little bits of whole butter in your crust, which lets it taste flaky and yummy and fattening. I could be totally wrong, though.

Also, what a weird way to line the sides of your pie pan? Either this person never makes enough pie dough to cover the entire bottom, sides and top of the entire pie.  So wouldn’t this be more of a tart?

Am I really debating the use of the words pie and tart in a little Internet video? I need to move on with my life.

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Challah Fail

In case you guys were interested to know, my Challah bread turned into a regular loaf of slightly dense but super sweet bread.

Around dinner, I realized that it wasn’t going to rise anymore, and it was still too gooey and sticky for me to even attempt to braid it. So I just “poured” it into a bread pan  and stuck it into the oven (while B got mad at me for covering his nice wooden cutting board with sticky dough).

Suprisingly, it rose and baked into yummy bread, which we ate with coconut jam (straight from Singapore) for dessert.

I just ate this slice for breakfast and now I feel like throwing up.

I should have known this wasn’t going to work out. The first and last time I made knishes was awful. I’m never going to be remotely Jewish. Lesson learned.

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I realized (thanks to Facebook) that Passover begins tonight. I think. I’m not Jewish and I don’t really know anything about being Jewish (except from what I hear from my brother-in-law and from that super cute Passover episode from Rugrats), but I thought I would give life an ironic kick in the butt by trying to make Challah Bread from scratch.

This shit is harder than it looks. I was hoping I could just knead some dough and then braid it, but I have to WAIT 6 hours for it to rise? In the fridge? WTF. That doesn’t sound very fun or right.

(Okay, I’ve been reading other recipes and none of them call for the dough to rise in the cold fridge for 6 hours, so I’m just letting it sit out in room temperature.)

Plus, I feel like the universe is kicking me back in its own ironic way, because my dough is definitely NOT rising. You know, like “Ha, you think YOU’RE being hilarious? Check this out. I did this to Moses when he tried to make bread ages ago, and look what happened to him.”

I guess I could just roll it out and bake it into matza.

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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Rob, my doctor-brother-in-law, came to town with my sister this weekend and since he took us out to dinner, I baked him a strawberry rhubarb pie by request. This was the first time I baked a fruit pie with zero help. ZERO. Usually I start whining about touching food and cold syrupy fruit where the bits of corn starch get stuck under my nails until B takes over, but he was busy playing some lame video game so I had to do this all by myself.

I think I’m getting better at making the crust all perfect.

Dropping bits of butter over the filling makes quite a difference.

I wish I could have eaten this pie all by myself, in a single sitting. With a good book. That would have been the best meal ever.

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