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So, Lisa and I haven’t had any Giant Baking Adventures lately, but it’s mostly her fault. I mean, I’ve been a little busy with various things in my life that I can’t really recall right now, but she’s such a social butterfly with so much going on that it’s hard to find a time or a place to bake. That’s all a lie. We’re kind of out of ideas of giant things to bake. We still have a giant cinnamon bun to bake, but having to wait for the dough to rise and all that makes things complicated.

But then I saw this PUMPKIN PIE IN A CUPCAKE and we were like, OMG WE HAVE TO MAKE THIS. Pie in a cupcake whaaaat? *brain explodes* Why not make a Giant Pumpkin Pie in a Cupcake, since we already have a giant cupcake pan AND my amazing culinary pie skills to begin with?

So let’s do this. How? I have no idea.

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We spent our Wednesday night prepping for Thanksgiving at my mom’s house. This meant bringing all of our spices, kitchen tools and whatevers over AND also baking our pies. Usually we only bake one pie because waste not, want not or something like that, right?

But B insisted on baking “the best pumpkin pie ever” which turned out to be the recipe on the back of Libby’s Canned Pumpkin, while I wanted to try (again) The Best Pumpkin Pie which had been tested and tried by the chefs at Cook’s Illustrated. Hey, I made it last year and no one complained. In fact, I remember watching a certain someone eating a WHOLE LOTTA PIE last year and not having a problem with it. (Just kidding, that’s a different pumpkin pie.)

So here we came up with the Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Challenge of 2008. I think we’re pretty much at a tie right now since both pies were eaten equally last night and we’re waiting on the tie-breaker (my brother-in-law) to come up and see which one he likes better.

Here’s why mine (on the left) will win:

  • It’s been tested to be the best by real chefs (not some can).
  • It’s made with real cream, and not canned evaporated milk.
  • It’s darker and therefore, more gourmet and authentic looking.
  • It has nutmeg in it, which gives it a better, spicier taste.
  • My crust (from scratch) is prettier! I actually took the time to mold my edges.
  • I didn’t poke mine TWICE when it came out of the oven.
  • It’s made by a girl.
  • I saw B spit and fart in his before putting it in the oven.
  • I honestly think mine tastes better.

Where’s Tom Colicchio when you need him to judge?

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